Please follow below steps to save your current template

  • Select Image that you use for background.
  • Double tap to centre of the screen and Write your text.
  • Now change the Main Font and Punch Font for your template and also do same things for colour.
  • Now click on share icon and select option called “SAVE CURRENT TEMPLATE”, and named it for future use.

To share or download image from Quotes Creator you must allow Write Permission to app.

Please follow below steps:

  • Go-To Settings.
  • Go-To App Manage(App Settings).
  • Find out Quotes Creator app from instaled application list and select.
  • Go-To Permission Section.
  • Turn on Storage Permission.

While you sharing image you if you accidently select Appliation like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter as Always, you need to clear default share from always to just once.

If you accidently make Facebook as Always share and another time you didnot want to share Facebook you just need to clear default option using below method.

Please follow below steps:

  • Go-To Settings.
  • Go-To App Manage(App Settings).
  • Select Facebook(The app which you want to remove from default.) from application list
  • Find out "Open by default" and select it.
  • Now you can get button called “CLEAR DEFAULTS”, and work done.

While you made purchase in Application using Gmail Id, purchased item will be stored on your gmail id, so if you are use that gmail id in another device you can get your previous purchases without paying.

To restore your purchase in another device you must have to restore purchase using "Restore" button inside left side drawer in Quotes Creator Application.

Restore Inner Purchase work on background.

If inner purchase still not restore in your device please send us your purchase invoice mail on

To create while solid background and use as default template, please follow below steps:

  • Go-to Bottom left side and click on Background Color picker and select white Color from pallate.
  • Double tap to Center of the screen and write your quotes.
  • Select Font and Color for your template.
  • Now click on share icon from top side and select "Save Current Template" and name it.
  • Now go-to left top side and click on drawer icon, and click on Manage Template.
  • Your recently saved template displayed in last of the list and drag to first in template list and save.

To Remove Quotes Creator from image you have to purchase Remove watermark functionality.

Please go to Navigation drawer from top left side and select Remove Watermark and follow steps.

  • Go-to Bottom left side drawer and click on Manage installed fonts.
  • Now find out round plus icon from top right corner in manage font activity and click on it.
  • It will display your SDCard directory list.
  • Now select(navigate) directory where font is stored.
  • Select font which you want to install.(Supported Extension : .otf , .ttf and .zip (fonts zip file))
  • NOTE: Only device supported font will be installed in application.

  • Go to
  • Find Other purchase activity.
  • Select View purchases.
  • Select an order to see your receipt.
  • or
  • Please follow below links for get your all purchase.

  • Write your quotes using double tap on center of the screen.
  • Now go-to top right side download icon and click on it. It will show you dialog with 'Add Watermark' option, just click on it.
  • Watermark layout tab will show you to add watermark and style of the warermark. You can add Image and Text watermark.

  • While you made purchase in Quote Creator App, your purchase stored in Primary Google email address that you added to your device, so if you want to restore your purchase you must have same google email address that you use to purchase.
  • Now just goto Left side drawer in application using top-left icon and just select Restore, it will restore your all purchase.

If you have multiple Google account in your device, and you want to restore IN-APP purchase in Quotes Creator application then you have to first Uninstall Quotes Creator application completely, follow below steps to unistall application completely.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Apps (Manage Apps or App Manager)
  • Find and open the application that you want to unistall
  • Then, open the overflow menu (3 vertical dots that displaying top right side), and choose Uninstall for all users

Now you can switch Google account which you used to purchase in Quotes Creator and Set as primary account of the your play store.

To set or swith google account follow topic 12.

If you have problem in Restore Purchase then it can be issue of the multiple account that you used into your account, because when you install Quotes Creator app from google play store and purchse from another google account that you made primary account later(while adding another google account after some time).

  • Open a Google Play app.
  • Tap Menu (If you don't see the menu icon in the top left corner, tap back until you're on the app home screen)
  • Look for the name and email address of the account you're using at the top of the screen.
  • Tap the Down arrow
  • Tap the account you want to use.(Now selected google account is your primary google of the play store.)